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The desire to capture and save fond memories of occasions with friends and family was the beginning of my journey into photography. The more time I spend behind a camera, the more I enjoy it. I love to catch the tiny smirks or big belly-laugh smiles of toddlers. I love photographing the warm expressions of adults reacting to their children and to each other. The years of childhood are so precious; it brings joy to all of us to have those memories as photographs to enjoy for years to come. My style of photography is simple, classic, and timeless, which I produce with the highest quality equipment and latest photographic software.

Through the years I have branched out from portrait photography to products, landscapes, flora, and fauna, still with the amazement of the beauty that surrounds us every day. To me the greatest two things about photography are that it is always a joy-filled experience to capture a wonderful moment in time and, also, that there is always something new and exciting to learn because of the constantly improving photographic technology.

Please allow me to help you capture memories for your family and friends or produce necessary professional business head shots, product photos, and event photos when needed.

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